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Frosch Learning have been working in the legal sector for over 20 years and specialise in maximising business development skills within the Professions. Often very little time is spent equipping lawyers with the correct skills, tools and techniques which are critical to develop the careers of lawyers.

The focus is, understandably, on the quality of the work itself i.e. the technical attributes. However, clients are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate one firm from another, so often end up instructing lawyers based on ‘non technical’ attributes such as:

  • Likeability factor and chemistry
  • The lawyers’ understanding of their business/ situation
  • Their ability to demonstrate their value
  • Commercial understanding
  • People skills

Therefore, developing these skills is absolutely essential to successful business development and client management.

If you are able to tick all of the boxes below, Frosch Learning’s Approach is not for you:

Fee earners who can:

  • Easily open doors to new business
  • Maximise all business opportunities with their customers
  • Identify all legal/cross selling opportunities in BD meetings
  • Confidently discuss and negotiate profitable fees
  • Articulate solutions and have the ability to stand out from competitors
  • Confidently gain the initiative and do not have to do the chasing after meetings

Business Development Training For the Legal Professions

Partner Feedback

From Top 30 UK Law Firms

However, if any of these phrases sound familiar, please feel free to contact one of our specialist consultants, who would be happy to discuss in more detail the personal challenges you/your firm face, on:
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“We are different because of our ‘service'”. Most lawyers say this! Therefore this is probably not what differentiates you…at least, not in the customers’ eyes.

“I am good with servicing existing clients, but find it difficult to find new ones…”

“My business development pipeline becomes dangerously low nearing the end of a big project…”

“The client keeps taking control of the meeting…”

“We’ve been doing work with them for years but only in one practice area…”

“I had the meeting, nothing much came of it, but we said we will keep in touch…”

“I’m not always comfortable talking to people I don’t know…”

“We lost some big accounts last year”

“I’m just not that comfortable with discussing fees…”

“We’re not maximising on the top 20% of our customer base…”

“I call my top clients partners, but I’m not 100% certain that they refer to us in the same way…”

“My ‘presentation’ is usually quite generic…”

“I don’t know how to justify why my prices are different to our competition…”

“We don’t get paid for coffee meetings, if we did I’d be a superstar!”

What We Do



Frosch Learning have spent over 20 years researching and constructing programmes that help lawyers achieve phenomenal results. We help partners from all walks of life to digest information, retain it, and then not only begin to use it, but also continue to develop when they see their own positive results taking place in the real world.

Due to our vast experience in the legal sector, we understand the stumbling blocks, preconceptions and the nature of the industry, so are able to work ‘alongside’ firms as partners, helping to develop a culture that promotes successful business development. We understand that each firm is different, with different cultures, personalities, motivations and requirements. However, the areas our clients find most useful include:

  • Effective strategies for winning new business – opening new doors and effectively identifying opportunities from the ideal clientele
  • Business development strategies – developing and putting in place optimum strategies to identify, win, develop and retain profitable business
  • Effective business development meetings – the optimum way to conduct a business development meeting
  • Building rapport– being able to build relationships with prospects and clients seamlessly and effectively
  • Cross-selling/ Upselling strategies – identifying all the opportunities, not just the one you have set out for
  • Presentation skills – delivering powerful presentations that are effective and memorable
  • Presenting value add – helping the client really understand the value that you and your firm bring
  • Our differentiator – understanding and articulating what makes you/your firm stand out from the competition
  • Maximising fair and profitable fees – confidently delivering prices and getting what you/your firm deserve
  • Negotiating best outcomes, including fees – knowing how to negotiate and using it to your benefit when a negotiation is required
  • Gaining the initiative and keeping the momentum avoiding the dreaded ‘I look forward to hearing from you’ and having to chase the client
  • Key client management – developing strong key account strategies to penetrate accounts, build real partnerships and reduce vulnerability to competitor attack
  • Networkingthe right way to network online and at events, creating and maximising on new opportunities
  • Winning Tenders how to approach, respond to, and win tenders
  • Maximising on referrals using your current resources to win more business in the optimum ways

Business Development Training For the Legal Professions

Partner Feedback

From Top 30 UK Law Firms copy

How We Do It

We consult, train and coach a diverse range of people from different backgrounds, positions and practice areas, with one end goal in mind: to take your projects from the boardroom, through the training room, into your real world. All programmes are tailored to fit in with our clients’ overall strategies, bridging the gaps between current and future states:

Group workshops

People love to learn but hate to be taught, so whilst all development will include an element of lecture/discussion, our group workshops are highly interactive, with aspects such as teamwork, problem solving and discussion taking centre stage. Our unique workshops are designed to bring out the best in people. They are thought provoking, challenging, and above all, fun!

One-to-one Coaching Clinics

We frequently work with partners on a one-to-one basis, providing relevant and specific coaching on areas that will produce the most significant results. We help fee earners to build tailored actions plans to ensure they achieve their core objectives within the optimum timeframes.


Running health-check workshops and regular consultancy sessions help our firms to identify the gaps needed to be bridged, and the optimum tools, tactics and techniques required to be put into place in order to achieve their objectives, strategies, or newly developed one-page business plans.

Joint Visits

Always willing to put our money where our mouths are, we will join partners on real client visits, delivering specific and relevant coaching following the meetings, in the areas where the biggest improvements can be achieved.

Business Development Training For The Legal Professions


  • Our most important objective- increasing your bottom line figures!
  • Delivering identifiable, auditable and quantifiable results
  • Happier lawyers and happier clients
  • Helping your clients become more profitable
  • Developing best practice techniques, tools & systems for effective business development

Auditable Measurements

  • Increase in number of appointments
  • Increase in client conversion from first meeting to instruction
  • Increase in new business
  • Increased business from existing clients
  • Increase in cross selling opportunities
  • Increase in securing referrals

Legal Case Studies

Business Development Training For The Legal Professions

Winning New Business

The results were so positive that we decided to roll out the Business Development Training Plan to all Partners and numerous Associates…

Business Development Training For The Legal Professions

In Partnership to Create Partnerships

Their ability to win the respect of the partners in our Firm, has enabled us to make tremendous changes in a short period of time…

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